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The Backstory
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:35:50 AM »
People always say.. it can not get any worse... well they were wrong. The empire has won, for now. The Jedi are a myth or seem to be at the very least and the few that remain are scattered to the nine winds of the galaxy. Any Jedi found is hunted down and killed on sight so being a Jedi is a horribly dangerous profession.

The galaxy is at war with itself and societies are not getting along due to loyalties. Many are loyal to the empire out of fear or the threat of execution.. while those loyal to the dreams of freedom and the promise of a better tomorrow conspire, plot and plan in secret. If found being a traitor well that could be a fate you would only pray led to death.

Jedha.. one of the last bastions of hidden hope in the galaxy. Rumour has it 'mystics' exist here or are they just scavengers and scroungers on the streets who know some sleight of hand while they try to pick your pocket? Soldiers often patrol the dusty streets while those who try to eek out a living scavenge in the ruins and explore the deserted buildings for something to sell to the shop keepers.

The word on the street has been whispered that more patrols are coming and they are seeking some people who escaped from interrogation of the empire and if you are found to be helping or harbouring an escaped fugitive your life may just become forfeit... pick your path, make your choice and make it well because it may be the last thing you ever do.

Welcome to Jedha.. exist if you will.. survive if you can.
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